Mariners and Migrants-in search of home'

Hrimceald Sae (old English for ‘ice-cold sea’) is an installation with video projected through a sand blasted slumped glass hull.

The sculpture is (loosely) based on emigrant ship plans held by the National Maritime Museum, and etched with fragments of charts showing the path of icebergs in the North Atlantic.

The 2 video sequences relate to stories of loss and longing;

Part 1) "Hrimceald Sae', a fragment of text from The Wanderer, a poem of exile, explores the state of the in-between, in- between sea and fog, in- between ship and shore, in-between, the constant experience of the emigrant. It is based on material shot while sailing on a container ship through the fog on the banks of Newfoundland and the later journey to Hearts Content.

Part 2) 'Lost Sight Of ', is inspired by the story of Annie Delaney, a child migrant, philanthropically abducted from Scotland by Emma Stirling and lost sight of in Nova Scotia.