'Kitchie deems to NAAFI girls 100 years of illegitimacy' is an installation in two parts ; 'The looking bowl' and 'Illegitimate daughter '

It is inspired by my discovery that my biological grandfather had been born in rural Aberdeenshire.This was an an area in Scotland with one of the highest levels of illegitimacy in the 19th century.

''The looking bowl' uses location filming, constructed sequences and archival sources to construct a fragmented narrative about location, memory and history.

The video uses material shot inside the cottage where my grandfather was born and the cedar cabinet echoes its panelled walls. The video is projected underneath a resin bowl.

Kitchie Deems = kitchen maids/domestic servants

NAAFI (Navy,army airforce institute) girls =women who provided catering services to allied servicemen in WW2.
My birth mother was a NAAFI girl