'Mariners and Migrants-in search of home'

Sent to Sea is a mixed media installation. Video is projected through a Museum vitrine, containing etched glass panels, a mirror light box and water filled acrylic tank.

This creates a fractured narrative based on research into young sailors, linking them through domestic actions with women, mothers and widows, from similar impoverished backgrounds.

The installation questions the project of museology and the preservation and presentation of artefacts. It addresses both history and memory and by rearticulating the archive explores issues of memorialising.

The text is taken from the Marine Society and other primary archival sources . Through its reinscription on etched glass and in video it raises questions about the encoding of working class and other histories within the archive.

The structure and texture of the work underscores the fragmented and conflicted nature of unrecorded experience.

The video also focuses specifically on Grosse Isle, the quarantine station in the St Lawrence, which like Ellis Island is a potent lieu de memoire.

video still:
red hospital room
Grosse Isle